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Quirky Quarks transforms the world of particle physics into an exciting, fast paced strategy game. During five rounds of play, players compete for particles to complete quests, developing powerful abilities that offer an edge on opponents. In bidding to do research at the five particle accelerators, each scientist gets to take part in the thrill of discovery. Each player must balance pushing their own research forward whilst sabotaging opponents to make sure they do not make an astounding discovery. Fast and furious auctions ensure that the player who wants something the most actually gets it, though they may have to pay a dear price. Such is the nature of research!

Elementary Particle Card

Quest II Card

Quirky Quarks is peppered with interesting facts about subatomic particles. (Who knew that bananas emitted positrons?!) So while you’re waiting for your opponents to make a decision, you’ll be entertained as you learn about the wonderful world of particle physics. Lighthearted, memorable illustrations make particles instantly recognizable and convey their nature. The game also features tremendous replayability - no two games will ever be identical, and players must determine which strategy best suits the cards that they’re dealt as they vie for the Nobel prize!

Our Company is also named Quirky Quarks, and we're based in Switzerland. We love particle physics, and we hope to share this passion through our fun and educational game! 

Elementary Particle Card (face-down)

Elementary Particle Card (face-up)

Quest I Card 


Quest I Card 



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